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About Us

Pink Ribbon Moms believe the mother/daughter bond is one unlike anything else. It comes with fond memories and unconditional love. Mothers and daughters serve as a constant inspiration for each other, which is why losing them is so painful, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts. My daughter Stephanie’s laughter, dreams and inspiration are now a memory. A memory that lives in my broken heart.

Pink Ribbon Moms is established to provide support to the bereaved mom to aid her in adjusting to her world after the death of her daughter. We offer our support in hopes to inspire life after loss, gratitude despite pain, and from surviving to thriving. At Pink Ribbon Moms, we offer comfort, care and community to moms who have lost their daughters to breast cancer. We support moms as you navigate your way through the heart-breaking loss of your precious daughters.

We provide activities to celebrate the lives of their amazing daughters, including, but not limited to, grief guidance, candle lighting ceremonies, storytelling, spending time in nature, field trips, remembrance ceremonies, one-on-one and group counseling. Here at Pink Ribbon Moms, we believe that together we are stronger. And our own experience has shown us that. So, no matter where you are in your journey, you are more than welcome to join us now!

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