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American Wood Importers


Industry / Manufacturing

About Us

American Wood Importers, LLC is a family-owned company based out of Los Angeles County, California. Being a small, family-oriented business gives us the opportunity to go above and beyond when it comes to customer support and product quality. It also allows us the opportunity to get to know our customers on a personal level, which helps us provide unique solutions to a wide variety of needs across the country and abroad.

We travel throughout Central and South America regularly and handpick each and every slab that comes through our shop and to our customers. We feel that every piece tells its own story. It is this unique story that we try to pair to each client.

We care deeply about the environment, and we only work with trusted supply partners to ensure we play no part in worldwide deforestation. The reason we source nearly all of our wood from Costa Rica is that it is the most environmentally-conscious country on Earth. Our supply partners in the region know how important it is to us that we are environmentally friendly, and they share our passion for sustainable harvesting practices.

We do all of our metalwork in-house through our welder and fabricator who has taken the huge leap in starting their own business with our encouragement and support. You'll see very quickly that they share our same passion for perfection, which guarantees that the quality of our finished products is met without cutting corners.

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